Do or Drink
Do or Drink

Do or Drink

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Do or Drink is a game of bad decisions that will get you and your friends Wasted

Be Warned: Blackouts and Bad Decisions Ahead

This game has none of the "free skip" cards found in those other lame-@$$ drinking card games. You either do the dare, or you drink - that’s it.

And let’s be clear ---

If you’re not comfortable with:

Sexy dares
Having your reputation ruined
Or drinking a lot
Then you should choose a more kind and gentle game that will only get you buzzed - because Do or Drink is a total blackout waiting to happen.


This drinking card game is only for friends who are willing to get weird.
Not for Families
Not for those who think ‘motorboating’ involves a boat
Not for those who think Peach emojis are about peaches