Ugears Truck UGM-11
Ugears Truck UGM-11

Ugears Truck UGM-11

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Number of parts: 420
Assembly time: 10-12 hours
Level: Advanced
Model size: 34*14*13 cm

The UGM-11 Truck runs, shifts, steers, and accelerates just like a real truck. First you ‘fuel up’ by turning the lever on top of the cab. Then ‘start’ the engine with the shifter in ‘idle’ and see four pistons moving realistically under the folding hood. Open the cabin door to find a fully functioning steering wheel and even a working gas pedal. Shift the gear into ‘forward’ or ‘reverse’ and watch your truck head off to work.

Ugears has created this 3D puzzle with great care and perfection. It is made of attractive, high quality wooden material. All parts are pre-cut into plywood boards and are easily removed for assembly.