Ugears Antique Box
Ugears Antique Box
Ugears Antique Box

Ugears Antique Box

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Number of parts: 185
Assembly time: 1-3 hours
Level: Intermediate
Model size open: 28 * 22 * 20 cm
Model size locked: 17.5 * 14 * 10 cm

The Ugears Antique Box is following the tradition of its predecessors, The Antique Box, however, goes further in the art of keeping your valuables with style. Whether you are new to Ugears smart mechanisms or already familiar with them, this 3D puzzle set will still leave you amazed.

The intricate details of the exterior would be the first pleasant surprise waiting for you as soon as you open the package and see the meticulously pre-cut floral elements and oriental carvings, but it will not be the only one. In addition, the sides of the box, just like many other mechanical Ugears sets, are open to reveal the moving gears of the secret multi-level mechanism that makes the Antique Box stand out among similar 3D puzzle sets.